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Many printing materials are disposed of after long or short use. Almost all materials that are recyclable are not actually recycled, simply because those options do not exist. The Sign Again movement changes that.

The process of Sign Again Sign Again is the very first 100% and close loop recycled rigid material. To this end, we process factory waste and used prints into new sheet material for printing. In this way, print remains affordable and available and we are not dependent on increasingly scarce raw materials. Our goal is no longer to buy and sell print once, but to bring and keep it in a loop.​

Sign Again, the material

Enormously strong, impact and cut resistant, fire retardant and pliable. These are properties that can make the difference in many products and applications. Together with a group of printing professionals, we are embarking on an intensive research and development (R&D) journey to fine-tune the Sign Again material. 

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Need for circular print products

Due to new European legislation, our industry will face new regulations in the near future (2023-2025). We as a print and sign industry will have to take responsibility. This will state that at least 30% of the products now used in our industry must be made of recycled materials. It will be up to the print and sign industry to prove that this figure is met. To prove this, the European recognized seal of approval ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) has been introduced.